Resistance Band Set
Resistance Band Set
Resistance Band Set
Resistance Band Set

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Resistance Band Set

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Resistance Band Set

The 11 piece kit includes 5 labeled resistance bands (5Lbs-40Lbs) for a total resistance of 105 Lbs, 2 Soft Foam Handles, 2 Neoprene Ankle Straps, 1 Oversized Door Anchor & A Convenient Zipper Carrying Bag

• Oversized carabiners and load bearing box stitched connection points.

• Forged D-Ring connections and an oversize beaded door anchor to ensure maximum safety

• Our unique ankle straps are made from a durable, sweat-resistant and supple neoprene. The ultimate comfort from an ankle strap, designed with you in mind!

• Detachable handles are double stitched and covered in a soft sweat absorbing ¼” foam

The beauty of using resistance bands for training is that they can help lower the impact of exercises and help lessen tension.

There’s a fine line between bodyweight squats and heavy barbell squats — resistance bands balance right on that line.

If bodyweight movements aren’t strenuous enough, adding resistance bands is the next step.

You can progressively make your workouts harder without even picking up a weight, a barbell, dumbbells or anything — just bands.

One of the benefits of using resistance bands is they help protect your joints and muscles.

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