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Fruit Portable Water Infusion

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Drinking fruit infused water is the ideal method to build your water consumption. Put resources into an organic product injected water jug and you can appreciate the common fruity goodness any place you go. Enhanced water is an ideal option to the alleged eating routine beverages and syrupy soft drinks.


As indicated by WebMD, great hydration is one of the most basic components for by and large wellbeing. Tragically, numerous individuals undermine its significance and in this way think that its hard to keep up a decent pace of hydration. While a few people basically neglect to admission water, others are simply too sluggish to even think about getting off the couch and reach for a glass of water. Putting resources into a natural product injected water jug is the ideal method to expand your water consumption. 

The fun part about seasoned water is you can try different things with an assortment of natural products, vegetables and herbs as per your own inclinations and tastes. These containers are accessible in an assortment of styles and hues so you won't feel hesitant in taking it to outdoors activity or to your work environment. Get yourself an Fruit Portable Water Infusion and you will see an expansion in water utilization.


  • 100% brand new and high quality
  • Material: canvas
  • Color: White,Black,Green,Orange,Blue,Red,Yellow
  • Simple but fashionable design
  • Convenient to carry
  • Size (L*W): 24.4cm*5.6cm*7cm      
  • Capacity:650ml
  • Quantity: 1 pcs
  • please allow 15 - 26 days for delivery depending on the country you are in.