Speed Training Parachute

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Speed Training Parachute
Are you an athlete or a sportsman and want to enhance your performance, this Speed Chute Resistance Training parachute is for you. The Speed resistance Parachute allows you to maximize acceleration and top end speed through progressive resistance and over speed training.
The resistance that speed parachutes provides forces your glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves to contract with greater explosiveness. When you’re wearing a parachute, the chute doesn’t open until you’ve picked up a bit of speed. While the tool won’t necessarily help with improving acceleration, it is effective at improving performance during the drive phase of sprinting, which is after you've taken off and are working to reach your top speed.
  • Model Number: Parachute
  • Diameter:: Approx. 56 inch/1422 mm
  • Material:: Polyester
  • Color:: Black
  • Adjustable Waist:: Approx. 20-42 inch/508mm-1066 mm
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