Skeleton Watch

OUPINKE Brand Collection watch

Interpreting the beauty of multy-level craftsmanship.

Synthetic Sapphire - High hardness watch lens, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant

Various classic designs in one, making the watch valuable for collection.  Appreciate the fashion hollow style.

80 hours of long-term kinetic energy reserve and a life of more than 10 years, double-sided carved hollow can extend the life of the movement and provide more transparent mechanical beauty.  Equipped with 21 synthetic ruby bearings with a frequency of 21,600 times per hour.

50 meters strong pressure waterproof - Sealed and waterproof, innovatively enhanced anti-fog.

OUPINKE is a Swiss watch brand with deep roots in Switzerland. All movements adopt imported movements.The designer of the watch is a famous watch expert from Switzerland and Germany.

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