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KW18 Smart Watch


Innovation has changed exercise: Wellness gear makers are always enhancing new items to improve our fitness level.  The fitness trackers is one of the most well-known strategies utilized by wellness cognizant individuals. These devices will effortlessly monitor your advancement and accomplishments. 

It can enhance your Self-Awareness:  It is very difficult to track your exercise and know how many steps you take in a day, how many calories you burn or how many hours of sleep you get each night. These smart watches can provide you the awareness of all above.  It will  help you in getting what your body is doing and what it needs?

Welcome to Gizmo Athletic

We offer the best fitness products for specific skills, speed, agility, strength, eye coordination.  Our smart watches & jumping rope are the newest trend in the market for 2020.  We have a multitude of articles/blog on health products related on weight loss.

Jaragar Sport Racing Design

Skeleton dial design

Looking for some style..This Jaragar watch will give you some..The Genuine leather gives you a new classic definition. This watch is very stylish and classy.


Deal of the week


Video call on your wrist

Elegant Shape, wise core

Advanced AMOLED technology

Global positionning system